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About Us

 Convergence Development Group (CDG) incubates, builds and invests in innovative technology companies in the social development and human capital services sector such as Education, Professional Development, Talent Solutions, Passion Economy, Future of Work & Enterprise Technology. 

Our venture development team brings together deep understanding of local communities, in-depth knowledge assets, strong technical capabilities, extensive talent pool and strategic expertise on a collaborative platform which help accelerate growth across our entire portfolio.

Through our venture capital arm, Convergence Capital, we invest capital, people and knowledge in purpose-driven businesses that aims to foster inclusive growth and deliver real social impact. In addition, we utilise our full-service operations platform, CDG Digital, to support our portfolio companies grow their business from startup to exit - in key strategic business areas such as branding, marketing, design, product development, technology management, operations shared services and many more.

At Convergence, we aim to build companies that will transform industries and change the way we live.


Our Portfolio

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Clients & Partners

We work closely with our portfolio companies to drive positive change, innovation and growth for their clients and partners. Our portfolio companies have served a range clients from leading multinational companies, start ups, social enterprises, family businesses, governments, charities and private individuals.


What We Work On

Leveraging technology and community-driven solutions to accelerate progress in social development and human capital

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Building Social & Human Capital through the Power of Technology